Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection
  • Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection

Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection



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Brand: NA
Form: Injection
Country Of Origin: NA
Packaging Qty: 1 Box Pack
Paraben Free & Organic: Yes
Key Ingredients: DualNA Glutathione
Usage/Application: Skin Whitening
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Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection


Discover the transformative power of Royal Ultra Booster Whitening IV Injection for unparalleled skin luminosity. This cutting-edge formula, enriched with Vitamin C and potent whitening agents, offers you glowing skin in mere hours. Experience a dramatic enhancement in skin firmness, hydration, and overall brightness, especially noticeable beneath the eyes. Those suffering from knee problems may also see significant benefits. With consistent application, your skin's radiance is not just restored but amplified, promising an all-day gleam. It's exceptionally effective for areas like the armpits, ensuring a uniformly radiant complexion across your body.

Product Details:

  • Suitable For: Adults
  • Quantity: 10ml
  • Skin Type Compatibility: Designed for universal skin types.
  • Packaging: Environmentally friendly plastic packaging
  • Brand Name: Royal Booster

Highlight Features:

  1. Immediate Brightening Effect: Experience rapid skin brightening, minimizing dark spots and signs of aging.
  2. Comprehensive UV Defense: Protects against the damaging effects of UV rays, maintaining your skin's pristine brightness.
  3. Rich in Antioxidants: Supports detoxification and boosts the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and enduring skin brightening.
  • Promotes an even skin tone, reducing patchiness and dullness.

Active Ingredients: Cyto-6 Plant Stem Cell, DualNA Melanin Inhibit Factor, DualNA Glutathione, DualNA Ascorbic Acid, DualNA White Elements, DualNA Alpha Lipoic Acid, DualNA Multivitamins.

Counterfeit Warning: To ensure you receive our authentic product, please verify reviews and images. We are committed to providing our customers with the real deal.

Safety Information: No known side effects are linked to this product. Should you experience any negative reactions, discontinue use immediately and contact our customer service.

Unlock the potential for flawless, radiant skin with Royal Ultra Booster Whitening IV Injection. Begin your journey to perfect brightness today!

Benefits Overview:

  • Fast Brightening Results: Attain quick, visible skin lightening, significantly reducing dark marks and aging indicators for a luminous complexion in hours.
  • UV Protection: Offers vital defense against UV damage, enhancing skin brightness and ensuring long-term health.
  • Antioxidant Benefits: Loaded with antioxidants to detoxify and improve the wellness of your skin, hair, and nails, boosting your overall appearance.
  • Uniform Skin Tone: Achieve a smooth, even skin tone by diminishing unevenness and lackluster areas, welcoming a uniformly glowing complexion.

How to Use: For best outcomes, mix one vial with 250ml of saline solution. Administer as an IV drip over 20 to 30 minutes for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

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