Dr James Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream
  • Dr James Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream
  • Dr James Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream

Dr James Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream




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Brand: Dr James

Purchase genuine Dr. James whitening cream for safe and effective results. Achieve radiant, youthful-looking skin with this natural formula, free of adverse effects. Available for cash on delivery and with complimentary home delivery across India, Magicpotions is a certified retailer of Dr. James products.

Form: Cream
Country Of Origin: USA
Packaging Qty: 1 Pack 30g
Paraben Free: Yes
Key Ingredients: Glutathione
Usage/Application: Skin Whitener
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Dr James Glutathione Skin Lightening Cream

Everyone desires radiant, flawless skin, and Dr. James Skin Whitening Cream s designed to deliver just that. Renowned in the beauty industry, this cream stands out for its ability to provide a luminous, fair, and rosy complexion. It doubles as a sunscreen lotion and antioxidant, nurturing the skin from both inside and out.

The cream is infused with natural ingredients like glutathione, rosehips, kojic acid, vitamins C and E, alpha-lipoic acid, arbutin, mulberry, milk protein, cucumber, calendula, and various berry extracts, enriching the skin with nutrients. Glutathione, a key component, is recognized as a potent antioxidant, instrumental in combating the free radicals responsible for aging signs such as wrinkles and dark spots.

Additionally, the inclusion of vitamins C and E in Dr. James Whitening Cream bolsters the fight against free radicals, promoting an even skin tone and revealing a rejuvenated complexion over time. The formulation, enriched with glutathione and vitamin C alongside grapeseed extract, is acclaimed as an effective skin-lightening solution, with endorsements from skincare professionals in the USA. 


Benefits Of Dr James Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream:

  • Eliminates melanin pigments fully from multiple layers to make your skin look fair and also pink.

  • Removes all sorts of skin blemishes as dark spots, age spots, black spots, pimples, acne, etc

  • Also works as a detoxifier to cleanse your skin and also body from the inside out.

  • Skin moisture and  pH balance are keep by the ingredients of the cream.

  • Work as a sunscreen cream to protect you from dangerous ultraviolet rays.

  • Skin shows even skin tone, smoothness and also texture.

  • Skin elasticity also improves

  • Decreases and also removes skin rashes, irritation, etc

  • Regrows skin cells to make you look fresh and also appealing


Ingredients Of Dr James Glutathione Night Cream:

L Glutathione


Kojic Di palmate

Milk Proteins

Mulberry Extract


Zinc Oxide


Fragrance and Natural Colors

The ingredients as L-Glutathione, Vitamins C & E, Rosehips, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Arbutin, Niacin amide, Mulberry Extract, Milk Proteins, Cucumber, etc. are some of the most powerful skin whitening substances on earth. Together, they are very powerful while also being the most natural of antioxidants without any sort of side effects.

Direction Of Use:

Apply Cream every night generously throughout face and neck. Suitable for all skin types.

Exp: Jan 2026

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A : Its whitening effects are permanent only if you will maintain it (by avoiding exposure to sunlight). You won't go back to your original skin color even if you stop taking this cream, however, there is a tendency for you to be tan or darken your skin if you expose yourself to sunlight and other harsh elements.

A : The reason why skin becomes white by using Dr James Advance Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream is that it reverses the dark melanin pigments turning to a light pigment and reduces melanocytes that produce melanin. Less the melanin, whiter the skin. Yes, the cream applied area tends to become whiter than before.

A : Dr. James Advance Glutathione skin whitening cream is Vitamin C & E. These vitamins are also found to be effective in fighting against all kinds of free radicals. These free radicals are the result of high levels of toxins in the body. Once the toxins are removed from the skin, eventually you will start noticing changes in the skin tone and a fresh & healthier complexion can be noticed in a short time.

A : Dr. James Advance Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream can be used for all seasonal, climatic, and environmental conditions.

A : Dr. James Advance Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream has no side effects on your skin because it is a natural skincare supplement.

A : Keep using cream till achieving the required Goals. After attaining the required result use twice a week. So that it could protect Your Skin from the fatigue which may be caused by sunlight, pollution & Dust.

A : You will notice the slight results within 7 days. Even after the first use, Dr James Advance Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream will leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and healthy. Over time you will be able to notice a more radiant, even skin tone and texture. You will also notice that your pores have closed.

A : No! it is safe to be taken by all genders with the age of 16 years and above.

A : Yes, it is safe to be taken by young teens from age 16 years and above to all ages. Henceforth, the right usage should be taken into consideration.

A : No! This product can't be used for people having skin problems. The result may vary from person to person. Consult your physician before using the product.

A : Glutathione is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants. This antioxidant is very effective in fighting against free radicals, which are the cause of wrinkles and age spots during aging. It emerges a healthy skin.

A : It must be applied in a thin layer at night, on the face. For better results use it regularly at night throughout the face and neck.

A : Yes! Our Dr James Advance Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream is designed for all skin types, as well as sensitive skin - it shouldn't give you any breakouts / irritate the skin.

A : To get the results on permanent one must have a good amount of sleep, drink adequate amount of water and always apply sunscreen lotion while going outdoors.

A : Dr James Glutathione is considered one among the best choice for those who wish to get fairer skin without any harmful effects.

A : Glutathione based products are loved by millions of people around the globe hence one can definitely come to the conclusion that it is one the best cream one could opt for.

A : As it contain pure glutathione ingredients therefore it is an effective whitening cream.

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