Relumins 1650mg Advance White Glutathione Complex 15x
  • Relumins 1650mg Advance White Glutathione Complex 15x

Relumins 1650mg Advance White Glutathione Complex 15x




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Brand: Relumins
Form: Capsules
Country Of Origin: USA
Packaging Qty: 1 Bottle Pack
Paraben Free & Organic: Yes
Key Ingredients: Glutathione
Usage/Application: Skin Whitening
NEW “Relumins White 1650mg Glutathione Complex” – 15x For a fair and pink complexion, you need to remove the melanin pigmentation on your skin. In order to remove pigments, you need an effective skin whitening formula that can remove pigments easily. Relumins 1650 mg is that highly effective formula which uses L-Glutathione to increase the serum glutathione levels in your body.

Content Of Relumins 1650mg:

  • 90 Vegetarian Capsules
  • 1650 mg L-Glutathione complex to increase serum glutathione to maximum levels
  • Halal & cGMP Certified
  • L-Glutathione booster, 225 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, known to support high glutathione levels in your body
Relumins’ Labs is the only FDA approved laboratory in the whole world that manufactures the most and highly effective oral Glutathione formula on earth. Numerous clinical studies have also proven that Relumins’ Glutathione formula is the safest and effective skin whitening formula.

Role Of Glutathione Formula In Skin Whitening:
As its primary function, Glutathione prevents the occurrence of melanin synthesis on your skin by disallowing the oxidation of tyrosine into tyrosinase and the binding of L-DOPA with tyrosinase. In other words, Glutathione prevents the synthesis and agglutination of melanin pigments on your skin. Considered the mother, master or king of all antioxidants, Glutathione fights free radicals to prevent cellular damage on your skin and also to remove dead skin cells. The formula, in addition to whitening your skin, also improves your overall physical health, while contributing to healthy liver function.

The Power Of Oral Glutathione:
Although topical creams are effective, oral Glutathione formulas pack even more power. It works from the inside out in your body, preventing oxidation as an antioxidant and improving detoxification function. Ingredients as L-Glutathione, Vitamin E (Gluta Boosters), and Alpha Lipoic Acid prevent oxidative reaction to prevent melanin synthesis from taking place while improving and encouraging the production and retention of Glutathione. With Oral Glutathione carrying out inside out antioxidant and detoxification processes, after prevention of melanin synthesis, your complexion is highly guaranteed to improve from dark-to-dusky to fair and pink!

Ingredients Of Relumins 1650mg Advance White Glutathione:

For maximum skin whitening
Augments your body’s Glutathione reserves
Alpha Lipoic Acid
This fat and water soluble antioxidant work throughout your body to retain Glutathione in your body for long, even after supplementation, suggest evidence.
Increases hepatic Glutathione in patients of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver diseases, compared to placebo-treated patients.
Vitamin E
An intake of Vitamin E daily at a dosage of 100 IU/day increases Glutathione in the body and reduces lipid peroxide and HbA1c concentrations in erythrocytes of type 1 diabetic patients.
Vitamin B2
Reduces the oxidized form of Glutathione (GSSG) to its reduced form (GSH).
Elevates Glutathione peroxide activity and linear increases in GPx1 and x3 proteins to abundance, say numerous studies.

How To Use Relumins 1650mg Advance White Glutathione:

2-3 Capsules per day or as advised by physician

Indications Of Relumins 1650mg Advance White Glutathione:
Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult physician before use, as with all supplements
The cellular protective properties of Glutathione make it unsuitable for chemotherapy patients.

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