Lucchini Sheep Placenta Stem Cell Therapy 2nd Generation
  • Lucchini Sheep Placenta Stem Cell Therapy 2nd Generation
  • Lucchini Sheep Placenta Stem Cell Therapy 2nd Generation

Lucchini Sheep Placenta Stem Cell Therapy 2nd Generation




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Form: Injection
Country Of Origin: Switzerland
Packaging Qty: 1 Box Pack
Paraben Free & Organic: Yes
Key Ingredients: Glutathione
Usage/Application: Skin Whitening
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Lucchini Sheep Placenta Stem Cell Therapy 2nd Generation - 50 Ampoules

Benefits of Lucchini Placenta Stem Cell Injections:

  • Comprehensive Anti-Aging for the Whole Body: Unlike specific-target anti-aging treatments, Lucchini’s stem cell injections are administered intravenously, circulating through the bloodstream to deliver rejuvenating effects across all bodily systems, not just localized areas.

  • Accelerated Cellular Regeneration: These injections facilitate rapid repair of aged cells and foster new cell growth more swiftly than traditional aesthetic treatments, which typically focus on specific parts of the body.

  • Natural and Safe: Sourced from animal derivatives, these injections are composed of natural ingredients known for their safety and effectiveness, ensuring they are well-tolerated with minimal side effects.

Treatment Indications:

Lucchini’s sheep placenta injections are designed to boost collagen production, significantly enhancing the skin by:

  • Improving Overall Skin Appearance: These injections help address various skin concerns such as wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation issues, under-eye bags, and uneven skin tones, leading to a more youthful and even complexion.

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A : Yes, the sheep placenta injection is effective in improving cosmetic skin issues, including discoloration, pigmentation, and uneven skin tones.

A : Many users report seeing noticeable improvements in skin texture and overall appearance relatively quickly due to the injection's fast action in repairing and stimulating cell growth.

A : Yes, Lucchini Placenta Stem Cell Injections use natural, animal-derived ingredients that are safe for administration, ensuring minimal side effects.

A : Lucchini Placenta Stem Cell Injections are unique because they work throughout the entire body, unlike other treatments that focus on localized areas. This ensures a more comprehensive approach to anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.

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