How to Increase Weight Fast

How to Increase Weight Fast

The vast majority of people try to catch tips and tricks here an there to prepare themselves for the daunting task of losing weight. Nowadays, society’s standards about a leaner and thinner appearance as the definition of ‘beauty’ can have a pretty serious impact in one’s self-esteem. However, many people have a ‘silent’, discomfort able problem which isn’t as debated or as popular as the previous topic. A significant part of the public wants to increase weight, regardless of being a woman or a man. In fact, despite being less common, it is certainly an issue many struggle with. Let’s take a look on how to solve this problem in a healthy, progressive way.

If we use logic to tackle this issue and increase weight, we should assume that we must ingest a higher caloric intake compared to the energy spent throughout the day. This is exactly the opposite problem of overweight people - they have to ingest a lower, healthier caloric daily dose in order to become leaner. However, one must increase weight responsibly. The general idea is to increase weight stimulating lean mass growth, a tissue related to muscles and firmness. Do not stimulate fat mass, which will undoubtedly bring health problems along the way.

People with an accelerated metabolism are more prone to struggle in their battle to increase weight. These individuals spend more energy to do exactly the same things other people do, and as a result, they need to eat more in order to have the same caloric balance. However, don’t worry! Just follow these tips and your metabolic troubles will be no more.

First of all, we always recommend using professional help. A professionally crafted diet plan is essential to increase weight responsibly in a healthy, balanced way. However, we can provide you with a few tips which can aid you in your quest for a bulkier body!

Your daily diet should be increased to 6 to 7 meals. That is to say, you should eat from 3 to 3 hours in a daily basis. You must also increase the calories you ingest per day. An increase of approximately 500-1000 calories is a responsible step towards weight gain. In general, you should eat more, and more often.

Avoid drinks and beverages, as these might fill up the stomach and make it harder to maintain a high caloric intake. At lunch and dinner, eat soup and salad last. Yes, they should be the last part of your meal, as the main objective is to be fully prepared to enjoy the main course. However, do not neglect them, as they are an excellent, healthy choice of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Prioritize! Eat the ones with a higher caloric index first, and progressively move on to those with lower calories. This way, you are focused on your objective, and you do the ‘indispensable work’ first, before getting to the less important ‘details’ of your diet plan.

Be creative and adapt your plan to your own needs and wishes. For example, let’s say that at breakfast you eat fruit. Well, if your objective is to gain weight, add a little something to that important meal. Try honey, a healthy and somewhat caloric solution. If you enjoy rice or potatoes, try to progressively double their quantities at dinner or lunch. If you enjoy yogurts, add some cereals and honey too.

Remember to add something to your little breaks between the big meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ideally, one should add another meal between every single one of them. Add a little caloric indulgence in the middle of the morning, in the middle of the afternoon and think about introducing supper to your daily routine.

Lastly, remember to eat healthy. To eat more isn’t the same as to eat unhealthy foods, which will seriously harm your health and energy. And remember, pretty much like all habits, give some time to yourself to adapt to this new routine. Progressively, you’ll be incredibly successful, and you can enjoy a bulkier, well toned and imposing body. And let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want that?

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