How To Become Fat

How To Become Fat

Learn how to become fat, the easiest way

It is easier to see bill boards, advertisements and posters with claims to make people thin. They contain hectic exercises; pills which make you feel closer to losing weight or make you get caught up in routine gym schedule that deliberately cut down the extra pounds. However, time has seen a new class of people who might want to go the other way- These people are obsessed with being too comfortable to fit the smallest size in clothes, are termed as minors or labelled cruelly as being flat. This class of skinny,anorexic generation apparently look down upon themselves for being too thin,having no weight and becoming a prey to sicknesses or mockery too soon.

So, the question that lingers their mind always would be how to become fat? There are many solutions to it and obviously this is not such a difficult job. All what it will take is the right intake of food at the right time and you will see yourself getting the right curves and proportion which will enhance your personality. So here are some ways

Eat the right food

Getting fat is not about eating but eating right. One may want to include pistachios or roasted channa to your daily diet. They also help in lowering heart risks and thus can be consumed as evening munchies. Other snacks which are ideal in this process of ‘how to become fat ‘would be multi grain bread/ soy sticks or whole wheat with peanut butter. One can also opt for salsa dips and amazing, yummy chutneys as they tend to be high on fibre and very healthy.


Increase your liquid intake

Food is not all about consuming solid. Juices and liquid products also add a ton in what you can make out of your body. Give your body different fruit milkshakes and juices so that proper vitamins and sugar reaches your muscular system. Banana milkshakes are highly recommended. Milk (soya,buffalo or goat’s milk) if consumed can fasten your process of becoming fat.

Eat more proteins

It is advised to never let the protein intake in your body go lower than 1g/lb of body weight when your aim is to add long-term muscle.  These protein molecules turn out to be the building block of muscle, and thus your body is going to be actually starving for it. So never compromise on egg yolk, leafy vegetables, meat and of course milk.

Do that exercise

Nothing comes easy and thus becoming fat will definitely encompass some heavy weight lifting which can put on lean mass. Compound lifts like Squats, pull-ups, rows, dead lights, presses (bench and overhead), dips,power cleans, clean, snatches, and jerks must become the foundation of your routine. These exercises engage multiple muscles and this trigger your hormonal response systems. 

An important piece of advice would be to avoid drinking water before, in, between meals as this might ruin your appetite. So as, we saw becoming fat is not that difficult. All it is ever going to need is some willpower and dedication. Thus, the next time you raise a doubt about how to become fat; you know which page to see.