Aqua Skin EGF Whitening Pro Q10

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Aqua Skin EGF Whitening Pro Q10 Glutathione Injection

Aqua Skin EGF whitening Pro Q10 is similar to Aqua skin egf gold however it has additional ingredient like pro co enzyme Q10 10000mg, moreover it has 24 vials per box instead of 18 vial. Aqua Skin EGF whitening Pro Q10 is the finest lightening solution to offer your skin more whitening, more firm and mend your skin to be completely FLAWLESS!

Features of Aqua Skin EGF Whitening Pro Q10:

24 Glutathione Vials set

L-Glutathione with Epidermal Growth factor 3000mg

Natural Collagen Extract 1000mg

Benefits of Aqua Skin EGF Whitening Pro Q10:

  • Whiten skin and lighten scar
  • Enhance the elasticity of skin
  • Moisture and hydrate skin
  • Firm, smooth and soften skin
  • Lighten pigmentation resulted from exposed sunlight
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles gets reduced
  • Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimples
  • Minimize pores and improves skin complexion
  • Eliminate excess free radicals that will seed abnormal function of brains and organs
  • Prevent aging
  • Anti wrinkles
  • Stimulate collagen formation

Ingredients of Aqua Skin EGF Whitening Pro Q10:

Pro Coenzyme Q10 600mg
Cinnamomum Subavenium Extract 350mg
12 Ampoules
5ml Thioctic Acid 800mg
Multivitamins 3500mg
Collagen 900mg
Selenium 600mg
12 Ampoules
2ml Vitamin B1 100mg
Vitamin B6 50mg
Vitamin B12 1000mcg
Recombined Stem Cell 800mg
Grape Stem Cell
Apple Stem Cell
Argan Fruit Stem Cell
Rose Placenta Extract

Packaging of Aqua Skin EGF Whitening Pro Q10:

  • Net Content: 1 BOX 24 Sessions / Set (1 Injection Set = 1 vial)

Recommended Dose Method:

Each vial mix with aqua/ solution IV or IM, dripping 1 set every 3 days once for first 2 months; then reduce to 1 set every weeks for maintenance.

Not suitable for:

  • Breast feeder
  • Pregnant Women
  • If having any allergy with vitamins
  • If anyone having cardio vascular problem

    Place of Origin : SWITZERLAND

    Exp. Date : July 2021

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

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