Eliminate Weak WiFi Signals

POSTED BY ADMIN ON 7/4/2018 12:00:00 AM

Eliminate Weak Wi-Fi Signals

In large homes or even in smaller multi-room homes the wireless net–work‚ or WiFi‚ is never evenly spread. No matter how much antenna yoga you do to your router‚ you will always find those annoying dead wireless zone's. 

In small apartment‚ it's always the close proximity to an open kitchen plan or that refrigerator in the middle acting like a WiFi black hole. In larger homes‚ it's the carpet area that the signal has to cover.

Sure‚ there are workarounds‚ but with the sheer amount of wireless bands just chokes your internet. If you have house that's oddly shaped or with thick concrete walls‚ good luck. If only there was an easy way of connecting several routers together to create a dead zone-free WiFi network. Wait‚ there is.

A mesh network is essentially a large network coverage that's achieved by connecting multiple net working components together. It's perfect for large homes‚ oddly shaped homes or if you want to create a network in a vertical format – to connect a villa with a few floors or even an apartment building. It is not a new technology by any means; it's already being used in an enterprise and military environments‚ where large‚ closed‚ secure networks are imperative. Now‚ this innovative is making its way into our homes at increasingly affordable prices. Plus‚ the technology is malleable‚ with lots of scope for expandability – just buy another router of the same brand that supports WiFi mesh and add it in.

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