White Light Glutathione Sublingual Spray

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White Light Glutathione Sublingual Spray

White light glutathione sublingual spray is new technique of achieving flawless, lightened and healthy skin tone through an easy way of spray. Sublingual is a latin word meaning “under the tongue” referring to a method of taking a substance orally where it diffuses quickly in such a way that the substance is rapidly and effectively absorbed by the digestive system compared to capsules or pills. White light glutathione sublingual spray is the world’s first sublingual spray made from Glutathione.

Why is Glutathione a whitening agent?

There is now no need for expensive skin whitening treatments to achieve looks like celebrities with lightened skin color when White light glutathione sublingual spray is there! It contains Glutathione which has anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties helping eliminating Tyrosinase which is responsible for dark pigments. It also boosts immune system like a defense system promoting fitness and well-being.

White light glutathione sublingual spray is an all-in-one Glutathione spray that gives fairer and brighter complexion, renews skin cells, clears pimples, marks, freckles, dark spots, lightens scars, and other skin discolorations. It promotes skin rejuvenation, creation and strengthening of new cells and reverses aging process.


  • Fairer and whiter skin
  • Spot free flawless complexion
  • Moisturizes, rejuvenates an refreshes the skin
  • Prevents aging
  • Easy to take i.e. spray
  • Treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma and cancer
  • For maintaining the body’s defense system i.e. immune system, fighting illness and drug poisoning.
  • Even toned skin
  • Removes pimples, scars, dark spots, blemishes and other skin irregularities
  • Refreshes your breath
  • Tissue repair and cell building
  • Provides good oral hygiene
  • Safe to use

Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before using.
  • Three times a day.
  • Spray twice under the tongue.
  • Hold under tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing

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Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

Priyanka on 6/19/2015 7:17:24 AM
4 Stars
Hai friends,Mein ye spray last two months se use kar rahi hu aur muje thoda tho effect lag raha he skin color pe. Agar ek hi don pe zyada baar spray use kiya tho kuch problem tho ni hoga na?? Bas, ye ek doubt he.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

Tania sharma on 6/7/2015 2:38:29 PM
4 Stars
I got really good result with this spray. Easy to carry and convenient in use.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

Nijisha on 6/7/2015 2:39:39 PM
4 Stars
Never thought of having such a product earlier for skin whitening. But now I am so happy that I got to know about this spray through Magic potions. Wonderful product.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

Rishita Singh on 6/7/2015 2:42:16 PM
4 Stars
Nice product to use for skin whitening and so easy to use unlike creams and pills. Wonderful product available in market now.

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

sana so on 12/10/2014 3:46:04 PM
4 Stars
Result is little slow, But i got improvement in my skin,

Disclaimer: Result may vary person to person

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