Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White RNA Active Cells

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Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White

Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined Whitening Injections provide the ultimate solution to all skin problems with glowing and white skin. It easily dissolves in the bloodstream and works effectively from within giving an astonishing and amazing whitening to the skin within few weeks of usage. It also removes pimples, blemishes, acne, dullness, and other skin irregularities. It has 2000mg of Advanced Glutathione which works on each and every cell of the body to provide strong anti-oxidant action and reducing melanin, giving a bright, glowing and white skin. Glutathione is the major ingredient which is a naturally occurring powerful anti-oxidant which removes free radicles and toxins from the human body, bringing out a spot free and white skin from within. It also acts as an anti-aging agent and keeps the skin youthful. Glutax 2000GS Advanced Whitening injections are safe and 100% natural. It has been used by many people which had given satisfactory, expected and fast results.

Benefits of Glutax 2000GS Advanced ReCombined White Injections:

 Whiten and nourish the skin.

 Creating a flexible, smooth, healthy and radiant skin.

 Prevent acne and removes stains.

 Reduce dark spots.

 Prevent acne and removes stains.

 Improving healing of wounds.

 Fixes damaged skin cells.

 Improve elasticity of skin, makes more supple and moisture.

 Helps in the production of Collagen.

 Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

 Reduce dark circles under the eyes.

 Softens the skin.

 Maintains existing collagen in the body.

 Whiten and nourish the skin

Not Suitable For:

– Breast Feeder

– Pregnant Women

– Allergy to vitamin (any kind)

– Patient with cardiovascular problem


Glutax 2000GS Advanced injections should be given every 4 days once for at least 40 days for quick and effective results. The dosage also depends on individual body metabolism. It should be injected under the supervision of a doctor or a registered nurse, IV therapist or IM route.

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