How to gain weight fast naturally

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Very lean people suffer from lack of personality and want to increase the body weight to look attractive. The old phrase, “You are what you eat” is absolutely true – nutrients from food are literally the raw materials your body uses to construct new cells. Gradual weight gain is always advisable. You may not get the result immediately by following these tips, but these are sure to help in the long run.

Increase Your Calorie Intake to Gain Weight

It is important to increase your calorie intake without compromising good nutrition. A planned consumption will help you get the weight you want. Extra calories should come from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy. Include slightly heavy foods in your diet to gain weight. Try following options like Breads, Soups peanut butter, cheese, banana, yogurt, tuna, whole eggs and potatoes for weight gain.

Eat frequently!

Arrange to have 3 large meals and 3 small meals every day containing protein, starch and fat. Eat in more amount than normal portions for your meals. Proponents of this idea claim that eating small meals throughout the day can improve energy levels, lower cholesterol, boost metabolism and preserve muscle mass.

Drink plenty of liquids

Many people follow a healthy diet and try to watch what they eat for weight gain, but when it comes to what they drink, they aren’t so careful. Hydration is very important when it comes to increasing body mass, since 60% of your body consists of water. You lose water through perspiration and urination, and will increase your loss drastically with severe physical exhaustion.

Have good sleep during the program for gaining weight

Adequate sleep restores us mentally, physically and emotionally. Research shows that sufficient sleep plays an important role in weight management and decreasing the risk of metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and diabetes as well as other sleep-related problem.

Try strength training exercise

Focus on exercises that engage lots of muscles at once, rather than specific muscle groups. This can include squats, dead lifts, presses, rows and pull-ups to properly train the lower body. Also consider training movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling and rotation for effective weight gain.

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