Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream

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Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream


Say goodbye to face apps, filters and airbrushes, as you can now flaunt your dream fair and pink complexion in reality. Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream turns your dark and dusky skin into fair and pink skin, while making your face look spotless without wrinkles, dark spots and age spots.Grow younger day-by-day, as you age forward with the all new Fair N Pink cream.


Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream – What does it do?


Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream usesCitric Acid and Ionized water as its natural components to make the skin whitening process quite natural. The ingredients also help maintain the balance of your skin, which also helps improve your overall health. The micronutrients, as part of the mixture, including Vitamins A, B, B3, and E, nourish and rejuvenate your skin to render a healthy look to your personality.


Zinc Oxide performs the role of sunscreen protection on your skin to prevent suntan, sunburn, etc. “Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream” works on all three layers of your skin—the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. So, the effect created by using the cream is long lasting and permanent. Below are some of the benefits of using Fair N Pink Skin Whitening Cream:

Ø  Get fair and pink skin from dark and dusky skin

Ø  Remove dark circles, dark spots and other skin blemishes as freckles and wrinkles

Ø  Skin turns bright, radiant and glowing with no dullness or darkness

Ø  Works on all three layers of the skin to cause permanent changes

Ø  Detoxifies your skin to make your skin healthy

Ø  Micronutrients as Vitamins and Minerals improve your skin health

Ø  Maintains pH balance at the levels they should be on your skin

Ø  Makes your skin soft, smooth, evenly toned and elastic

Ø  Renews damaged skin cells and rejuvenates them

Ø  Use a sunscreen lotion to protect from skin damage like tan, burn, inflammation, etc.

Directions for Use:

Use twice daily for best results


Usage Instructions:

Scoop cream as required

Place scoop on your palms

Dab with fingers and smear cream on face

Massage in a counter-clockwise motion to apply fully

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